Mark Stewart Greenstein, a.k.a. "Mark Stewart", "Stewart", and "Stewart for Liberty" appears on the Democrat party ballot in New Hampshire.

Consistent with "small government over large", Mark Stewart is Fervently For New Hampshire.  The Granite State is his soon-to-be-home state.    Mark is a Free State Project member.  He joined on Tax Freedom Day in May 2013 and is happy to see that we are now closing in on the "20,000 call to freedom".  He hopes his candidacy will help put the Free State Project over the top by summer 2016.

He is sensitive to NH issues, and wants your feedback.  That can happen with an email to

Since he is running for Federal office, only things the Federal government can do should be included.

Since he is running for liberty, it's best to include things the Federal government should NOT do.  Your comments are most potent when accompanied by an example showing/describing harm from a Federal policy.

For New Hampshire