Leading a freedom-minded movement to electoral success, ideally in the Libertarian Party at all levels - from Municipal to The White House.


SAT Prep – Since 1987
AP U.S. History Prep – Since 2008
LSAT Prep –1988 - 2004
GRE and GMAT Prep 1988 – 1995

Business Experience: 

Founder – Education Excellence  2014 - present
Founder and Lead Instructor, Firm Connections, LLC  2000 - present

Snowboard instructor (as requested) for groups and individuals (NH, VT, CT, CO, UT, and CA)
Franchisee – College Nannies & Tutors, New York City and Hartford CT 2007-2013
Creator and Developer – Hyperski and S – The All-Night Snowboard Magazine, 1995-1997

Taught for Kaplan, TestMasters, privately, and for the West Hartford (CT) public schools prior to founding Ivy Bound / Rising Stars in 2000. 
Legal work for two firms and a small mutual fund following law school.
Worked in food service in various restaurants three winters in Vail Colorado, and in Hanover NH.

Formal Public Service:


Never made political promises that couldn’t be kept.
Never spent donors’ money
Never compromised a public principle
Campaigned vs Al Gore & Bill Bradley in 2000 (New Hampshire Primary)
Campaigned vs Hillary Clinton in 2006 (for U.S. Senate in New York)
Founded “The Resistance” in 2015


The Loomis Chaffee School, 1982
Dartmouth College, B.A. 1986
Univ. of California Berkeley (Boalt Hall) Law School, J.D. 1992

The Resistance is an advocacy group dedicated to helping candidates from all parties challenge the leftists and big-government statists who have taken too much control over the federal government.  Candidate profiles can be found at www.weresist.us.

 The Resistance supports candidates running in EITHER the Democrat or Republican parties who are dedicated to freedom. Reducing the power of the federal government and increasing competent governance at all levels are what Resistance seeks.