Campaign Internship Opportunities

Stewart For Liberty is a campaign that will help not just Connecticut, but all of America.  We can make history here, and with it candidates in other states will follow.  

The unique propositions to which YOUR good work help help answer:

  •  whether a never-elected CT Governor candidate can win a nomination in America's oldest party  Yes / No / Not Yet


  •  whether a candidate who takes no money in the "Citizens Election Program" can hold his own despite others' public funding  Yes / No / Not Yet


  • whether most Democrats are moderate, not as far left as their "progressive" Democrat leaders believe.  Yes / No / Not Yet

  • whether a Governor candidate calling for change can bring a change-oriented legislative majority in on his "coattails"  Yes / No / Not Yet

If you would like to propel "Yes" answers, your opportunity to join for paid and unpaid (including for-credit) internships exists now through March.  

Our meetings are every Friday at 5:30.  We alternate between Hartford and Newington and allow attendance by Zoom.  Contact if you can commit to a part time Internship of 3 months or more.    Watch the video below for more information about the campaign.  

Thank you in advance for your energy, passion, diligence, and brainpower.

Mark Stewart Greenstein
Candidate for CT Governor 2018