Her patriotism seems forced.  Stewart exudes a love for America.  From far away, I feel it.

If you have a responsible comment about Hillary Clinton that you'd like to share with the Stewart for Liberty campaign, please do that with an email AFTER reading below.

We'll share revealing things you've experienced with the public Hillary Clinton.  Be prepared to share a phone number and two good times to call you (Sunday through Thursday).  Alternately a Skype address and two good times Sunday through Thursday when you are online to Skype you.  

The Stewart Campaign will NOT post anything that's not verifiable.  Moreover, we don't want to read, and will not post, anything personal about Mrs. Clinton.

Privacy deserves respect, even for the most public of servants. 

We will thus not post anything about private actions, or comments about the public Hillary might have made in private.

Please limit your facts to Mrs. Clinton's work in the

U.S. Senate
White House (as First Lady, via the "two-for-one she and President Clinton lauded)
Arkansas Governorship (dubious here; only truly public things will be posted).

We don't want to read how Mrs. Clinton might treat others in private, or how she treats campaign staffers.  We don't want to read instances of her lying.  We all know she's a public liar, so this is not revealing.  She's received front-runner status despite public lying - her followers don't care and few in the media care.  The big question is whether a still-powerful United States should have a public liar at the helm.  (This is akin to whether the NFL should leave a long-time cheater as a team's head-coach).  Again, keep to facts and opinion based on those facts.  Exclude areas that would lead to less dignity.

Mrs. Clinton is not an enemy.  Her ideas are.  Please stick to those.

I''m grateful to all of you who do this responsibly,

Mark Stewart

"She seems to think the Iran deal was a good one for America.  The "Deal" was a total capitulation.  And now Obama is too afraid to violate this "deal" that he'll admit 300,000 more Muslims to our shores.

From elderly, physically-incapacitated "Eugenia", a Russian-American suitemate of my friend currently in a Manchester NH nursing Home:


Eugenia speaks very little English.  At first it was hard to understand her.  But when I gave a "No Hillary" pin to my friend and showed a second one to Eugenia, "deceitful" is the one word she repeated.    I swear to God this is true.  Conveyed by Mark Greenstein Saturday Dec 19, in Manchester NH.

Comments about Hillary Clinton's Ideas


"She can't even speak the words "Radical Islam", when she and everyone else know that this is the impetus to terrorism."  Bill McNally, NH