communist --

Communist deserves to carry as much scorn as "totalitarian".  Totalitarian rule is the end result of a widespread communist regimen.  The communist wants to impose equal distribution of work and equal distribution of result.  Here is why this can never work on a large or even medium-sized society: human nature.

Human nature entails greed.  That's not a bad thing, indeed capitalism effectively channels greed into societal good. The greed that we all have to want more leisure time, to have more stuff, and to excel above our colleagues cannot be squelched.   Even in small societies, here is how totalitarianism is the inevitable result of the communist ethic.

Say five leaders encourage 100 members to join equally in a "worker's paradise".  All will work equally hard; all will share equally in what they produce and what they sell.

Day One:  100 members head off to the factory and farm.  That night they share equally in the food they harvested and the sales from their factory.

Day Two: Yevgeny and Andrei decide they don't want to work today.  They head to the beach while 98 comrades head to the factory and farm.  That night all 100 share equally in the food they harvested and the factory sales.  Some seem to resent the large smiles and smell of Margaritas on Yevgeny and Andrei's breath.

Day Three: Six others emulate Yevgeny and Andrei.  They too prefer the beach to the fields and factories.  They let 92 others head to work while they relax.  That night all share equally in the harvested food and sold factory items, though some remark that the produce (92%) seemed light and many were jealous of the 8 absentees' blithe condescension.

Day Four: Yevgeny, Andrei and THIRTY others stay away from work.  Only 68% of the norm gets produced and a mere 68% of the normal factory sales are made by the 68 who head to work, resentful of the 32 absentees.

Day Five: Surf's up, and the beach appeal is high, yet 100 workers return to the factory and field.    This time all are compelled to the factory and farm -- at  gunpoint.  The well-meaning leaders must resort to force to keep the workers in line.  Work or be shot.  100 people reluctantly go to work, finding no need to work harder, no need to innovate, and no escape.

Communism can only work in small enclaves of highly selfless people.  That's usually known as a "family",  Beyond filial loyalty, you might get "kin-like" loyalty from 15-20 exceptionally close Church members who share the same values.  Once you get to 50 members, forget it -- nobody wants to support the lazy dolt who disdains the community. (In almost any group of 50, at least one will be like this).  Family communism is fine; beyond that, it's destined to fail -- don't even try to impose it.