Democrat - Republican:

I use the term "Democrat-Republican" for the first time in nearly two centuries. It was the name of the party Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe took.  Jefferson initially headed the party that was named "Anti-Federalists". 

They represented small government, and feared a too-strong interpretation of the Constitution.The party took on the name "Republican" in the late 1790s.  By 1816, with the Federalist Party almost dead, Jefferson's group adopted the name "Democrat-Republicans".  For nearly 10 years, this party was the ONLY nationwide political party.  This one-party phenomenon was an element of the  period we now call "The Era of Good Feelings".

Today, "Democrat-Republican" can be a way of governing that includes all. It's not D versus R so much as it is: D WITH R, wealthy with not-so wealthy, urban with suburban, upwardly mobile with stagnant, highly-educated with not-so-educated, fearful with optimistic, government-dependent with privately-resilient. The differences between true democrats and true republicans are miniscule.  This is a fusion of parties that will improve our politics. 

Democrat - Republican