Invest in Connecticut!

This candidate is NOT asking you to donate.   Far more than money, this candidacy relies on the frenzied word of voters to spread good ideas.  While establishment candidates are influenced by donors and potential donors (at least two Republican CT governor candidates won't even attend 2017 functions that lack fundraising opportunities), candidate Stewart would rather not even meet donors.  He speaks to VOTERS; he speaks about ISSUES; he is NOT biased by whether a donor is in the audience.

Thus the LF fund.  This is an investment that is meant to build a stash to nurture good causes that are underfunded now.  Candidate Stewart wants to show that private welfare can replace government welfare.  Your investment does this in spades.

100% of the net proceeds are stashed in an interest-bearing account until late 2019, 10 months after taking office.  Only then are these funds deployed, and only with the 80% approval of the investors.  If after 10 months in office there is no good specific receiver for the funds that commands a 80% approval from the investors, those funds are returned to the investors.   Should Mr. Stewart not get elected, the funds will be returned, or at the investor's choice, held for a like-minded candidate's use in similar fashion.  

Mr. Stewart is not seeking state funding; he is foregoing the 4-to-1 (and possibly 10-to-1) match offered by the state's "Clean" elections law, because state campaign financing is a wrongful taking of public funds for a purpose that can be funded privately.  *For a description of the convoluted  state donation rules that raise a compliant candidate's funds More than TEN-FOLD, visit

The LF fund is crowd fund that can change the political world.  Crowdfunding has improved business, music, the arts, and education; it's time to have it improve politics.  We thank you for your interest.

Invest in Connecticut and this Candidacy below. 

We are NOT seeking public money.
This is not an offer to buy securities.

Traditional Donation :

We don't say "no" to good people making a traditional donation.  If this is your preferred way to support the Stewart for Liberty campaign and support Connecticut, you may donate here as well.