1) I will actually answer questions.  Voters deserve answers, not alternate talking points.

2) I will not disparage other candidates personally.  Positions are fair game; candidate background deserves the Golden Rule.

3) I will not spend donor money frivolously.  I am one candidate who doesn't seek public money.  And private money is spent scrupulously.

4) Donations bring no favors.  To any business or PAC feeling they are "buying influence" I say "buyer beware".  

5) That said...donations bring access.  It's a sign you are serious about improving Connecticut.  However, you get no more access than a trenchant emailer who lacks money, or an assiduous campaign helper who is volunteering time instead of money.

6) No donor gets a closed meeting.  A political meeting without a potential opponent listening borders on bribery.   Closed doors are for the private realm: with family, friends, clients, and employees. Absent a security need, political meetings are always open.

7) There is no folding the campaign*.  Donor money and volunteer passion goes to work without ceasing until November 2018.  And The Resistance will continue until at least 2025.

*With four people, two Dems and two Repubs, all better than me and all campaigning for their party's nomination AND the Libertarian Party's nomination, I'd consider dropping out.


Principles of Campaigning

For Connecticut: