Principles of Campaigning

For Connecticut: 

1) I will actually answer questions.  Voters deserve answers, not alternate talking points.

2) I will not disparage other candidates personally.  Positions are fair game; candidate background deserves the Golden Rule.

3) I will not spend donor money frivolously.  I am one candidate who doesn't seek public money.  And private money is spent scrupulously.

4) Donations bring no favors.  To any business or PAC feeling they are "buying influence" I say "buyer beware".  

5) That said...donations bring access.  It's a sign you are serious about improving Connecticut.  However, you get no more access than a trenchant emailer who lacks money, or an assiduous campaign helper who is volunteering time instead of money.

6) No donor gets a closed meeting.  A political meeting without a potential opponent listening borders on bribery.   Closed doors are for the private realm: with family, friends, clients, and employees. Absent a security need, political meetings are always open.

7) There is no folding the campaign*.  Donor money and volunteer passion goes to work without ceasing until November 2018.  And The Resistance will continue until at least 2025.

*With four people, two Dems and two Repubs, all better than me and all campaigning for their party's nomination AND the Libertarian Party's nomination, I'd consider dropping out.