Governing Better

Unlike other candidates, Mark Stewart is ALREADY attempting to move leaders.  At local, national, and international levels, he is doing what he can as a candidate, because some things should not wait until 2017.

As for the future, here are 12 Stewart stances voters can expect to see Mark Stewart follow through on:

A) I help young adults more than Clinton or Sanders.

B) I help Black people more than Clinton, Sanders, or Obama.

C) I help our school-children more than the progressive "establishment".

D) I help people save for homes, schools, and retirement better than any Republican.

E) I enunciate better than even conservative Republicans how fiscal policy is more moral for families.

F) I enunciate the perniciousness of forced socialism better than any candidate since Barry Goldwater.

G) I trumpet the GOOD of voluntary socialism as well as Bernie Sanders.  (That's Voluntary, Bernie, not forced).

I)  I'm a decent trumpeter of liberty at the federal, state and local levels.  On the federal level, I'm not as pure as Rand Paul (we differ greatly re privacy - I say "the internet / cell phone genie cannot be put back in the bottle, so don't even try").    But I make the argument about more liberty within states, schools, and municipalities in ways Rand Paul won't.

J) I'm a better feminist than Hillary Clinton.

K) I'm a better "small d democrat" respecting popular sentiments and Jacksonian governance, than all the Democrat officialdom.

L) Both major parties need more liberty injected in their discourse and plans.  The best place is not the White House, but Congress and State Houses.  That's where The Resistance, the vehicle for lesser-known citizens to challenge at the Congressional and State levels, comes in.  I have three candidates in tow now, and I expect it will grow to thirty by March.  They will fight in spring primaries, and they will conduct "AIR- AIDs" very publicly.  So Resistance will live on after my candidacy.