Better Than Marco Rubio

Mr. Rubio is tied with Mr. Cruz for the best of the remaining candidates.  And in a few years, he will be better still.  But he was bad on Immigration, and until he admits his stance was a mistake, and shows a dedication to native-born Americans, it's unforgivable in a president.  Illegal immigration costs us in fairness, sovereignty, jobs, and resources.  YOU CAN'T give him a pass right now.  I make the argument to an even higher degree:  most of the illegals who come here now don't want to be American creed.  We need to stop an invading culture of illegals and for safety's sake and for the sake of catching up, we should slow the flow of legal immigrants for the next 2 - 5 years to a trickle.  Black JOBS matter, and Mr. Rubio doesn't recognize it.  And yes, we CAN deport 12 million illegals.  A president and Congress can enlist school buses, Greyhound buses, cruise ships and C-130s; we can have 90% of the illegal aliens off our shores in six months.