Mark Stewart appears to be unique in Connecticut politics.  "Unless you glimpsed Grover Cleveland in his final years, you haven't seen a Democrat like me", he contends.  "John F. Kennedy was somewhat conservative; Bill Clinton had a few conservative moments, mostly because he was pushed.  But for the next year at least, I'm the prime pusher, moving Democrats toward more liberty."

Mr. Stewart has been a student of government ever since his days at The Loomis Chaffee School.  He majored in government in college and throughout his time as a lawyer, educator, and small business entrepreneur, has observed American government's successes and failures.

"Mostly failures.  American business improves every decade; American government has worsened in every decade of my adult life."  Yet Mr. Stewart is optimistic about future government.  "It's the easiest element to change!"  Stewart thinks.     Connecticut needs Democrat leaders who respect individualism, free market capitalism, and fiscal responsibility.   
Stewart contends that most Democrat voters already hold these values, but their leaders are far to the left.  Indeed, his survey of  Democrats revealed voters within his party feeling their leaders are "too far to the left".  
His prescription includes:

    Better schools (via school choice and vouchers)
    Better for business (via less invasive regulations)
    Less crime (via an academy to snare online criminals)
    and less government Welfare (via individualized help).

Mr. Stewart is passionate that "private welfare serves people far better than government welfare can".  Like most others who work and pay taxes, he's incensed "by state authorities letting free-loaders collect money at our expense".  With a return to privatizing the majority of state welfare functions, Connecticut can afford to reduce income taxes to zero, and cut corporate taxes by at least 50%.  (His target is a 2% corporate tax rate).  "The rest is up to the legislature, but I will be campaigning for voters to elect legislators from any party who carry Jeffersonian values into their work.  I hope to greet a General Assembly of Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians who are all committed to improving individual rights, and expanding liberty come January 2019.". 

He will appear on the ballot as "Mark Stewart Greenstein", his birth name.  But he prefers Stewart, and prefers "for Liberty" rather than "for Connecticut" because he sees the same changes to be instilled in Connecticut as needed in other states too.  "Connecticut can again be a leader in bringing liberty to all of America.  Our 'still revolutionary' state just needs some prodding from  its current lethargy."

To those thinking about leaving Connecticut, he implores: "hang in there.  A Noticeably Better Connecticut is less than two years away."  

Stewart holds conferences with voters every Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.  He meets with voters at a Hartford restaurant or pub before every Friday home UConn basketball game, and he meets with high school students on Thursday and Friday mornings.  Next up is December 8th at City Steam, and features his effort to bring the Whalers to CT, with thousands of CT residents as co-owners.  More info is at

CONTACT: Tim Zhang
Mark Stewart Greenstein


Students at Farmington's Miss Porters school were treated to a talk by Governor candidate Mark Stewart last week .  He addressed the US History class led by Erica Washburn.  The topics included modern political orientations, reasons why the current progressive and conservative split has widened, historical precedence for political convergence and student involvement in current civics.  

Mr. Stewart is a democrat party candidate from New Britain.  He considers himself a "small l" libertarian,  a "small d" democrat and a "small"e" environmentalist.   He attempts to bring all aspects appropriate to young voters into his talks.  

Schools are welcome to contact the Stewart for liberty campaign to have an upcoming morning visit.  Contact us at or call 860-666-7737.