What Stewart Can Do for YOU!

101) End the Social Security and Medicare taxes.  This saves between 7.6% and 15.2% of your paycheck.

102) Reduce the regulations on your business.

103) Stay out of employee/employer relations.   Benefits are between employee and employer.  Government mandates lead to unfairness.

104) Give families choice in schools.

105) Give individuals choice in services, but assuring no impediments to services like Uber and AirBnB.

106) Assure families choice in health care

107)  Reduce your income tax.  Stewart wants to replace the income tax with sales and wealth taxes. 

108) Reduce your student loan obligation.  This is a reduction in interest rate via the government-supported banks.  For some it can become up to 80% loan forgiveness.

109) Reduce the cost of food.  This is by ending the demands of corn, sugar, and other farmers for price supports.

110) Decriminalize drug use and sales of drugs to adults.

More to come, each week during the Stewart For Liberty campaign.