Five things you can do for Liberty!

1.   Take out radio ads. 

You can do this!  Ad time is relatively inexpensive.  Sacrifice five dinners out and you’ve paid for a series of ads on a small-market radio station.  This is YOUR voice, which is better than mine.  Mention Stewart for Liberty, Stewart for ______ (your state), or The Resistance –

2.  Blog.  Your words can be spread most easily when posted electronically.

3. Attend a “Presidential Bill Signing”

This is with Mark Stewart signing any currency, of any denomination, you bring.  Mr. Stewart will add words of liberty, or specific proposals to enhance liberty in the Presidential campaign and paste it on you bill.  Keep it, but pass the sentiments on to two or more acquaintances.

4. Call talk radio shows.  Keep the message short.  Include in your sentiments.

5. Donate.  This really is a distant fifth for Mr. Stewart at this time.  So re-read the first four now.

Okay, for the money part……

We’d like small amounts as a show of SENTIMENT – that you’ll put $50, $20, or even $10 to show this is more than just a whimsical poll.  For the Stewart campaign “broad but not deep” is effective: a large number of two-digit donations is better than a small number of 5-digit donations.

        Stewart For Liberty


        Committee C00591578

        TD Bank Routing:  011400071

        Account:  9245922722

       Checks:  Care of Barbara Langdo, Treasurer

                      101 Fenn Rd

                      Newington, CT 06111

        MC/VISA and Bitcoin may be conduits.  Please call 201-850-7909


The Stewart For Liberty is spending minimally right now.  Yes, some donations are needed to keep us filed properly and in front of media for 2018.    But we will save at least 50% of what’s donated in the early months.    (See, we’re already looking out for your pocketbooks.)  Fiscally prudent, socially provocative, that's any Stewart Campaign.  We look forward to making history.   Thank you for coming on this ride.

P.S. When asking a station for a "rate card" ask for the political rates.  These are by law priced at the lowest rate a commercial advertiser is given.  Consider  a mix of 30 second and 60 second ads. Stations will give you the produced content for use on your own blog and for use by the candidate. 

P.P.S. to keep you safe: for the radio ads,  you can no longer advocate within 45 days of an election.  Thank George W. Bush and the obtuse congressmen who voted for “McCain-Feingold” for eviscerating the First Amendment.   Enemies of free speech can also than Supreme Court, which has thus far declined to hear challenges to McCain-Feingold.  It’s okay, within a decade, we should have a Constitutionally-alert congress that can scrap this legislation.  Chief Justice Roberts seems to like when Congress legislates instead of courts.

P.P.P.S. to keep your Church safe from losing 501c(3) tax exempt status, do not advocate for a specific candidate or a specific party at gatherings or in literature.   A candidate can be invited to the church to be a feature speaker.  But he or she should be clearly instructed in writing that he or she: (1) Can speak only in a non-candidate ca­pacity, (2) Not mention of the candidacy or election; and (3)not engage in any campaign activity. The event itself should have an entirely non-partisan tone.  Speaking about “The Resistance”, which houses candidates from all political parties, and is a movement for bettering the earth SHOULD be okay.  But invited candidates should be warned to do cross into campaign advocacy.

For certain groups; five things SOME of you can do for Liberty and/or Stewart:

11) If you are an immigrant, or identify with an immigrant group.  You should form coalitions for governing your former country better.  Especially for those who have fled repressive regimes, you should begin to form a “Government-in-Exile”.  Meet by Skype to plan how you will run things better if given the opportunity.  Conference with other American immigrants making governments in exile for other nations.  You can convene in Florida or Las Vegas each year.

This is serious.  America has made the world markedly better.  You can propel American values.  Spreading American values keeps us at peace, and brings the world more prosperity.

This includes illegal immigrants.  You came to America to partake in its prosperity and freedom.  Your values are good.  If you can propel these values to your home country, you are doing great work, for America and for your brethren still abroad.  Indeed, you are the one group for whom I grant amnesty with proof of good “spreading American values” work.

12) If you are on affiliated with a college, have Mr. Stewart attend a convocation on campus.

13)  If you are a radio host anywhere in the nation, Mr. Stewart would like to call in to speak with you and your audience. 

14) If you are a potential event host…hold an event with Mr. Stewart or if unavailable another Resistance candidate.    Mark Stewart will speak on:

any weekday morning to groups prior to breakfast at almost any New England hotel or restaurant,
any afternoon to students and parents at a New England high school (he likes teaching U.S. history too),
any evening to groups of 20 or more attendees for dessert, and
almost any Sunday to religious groups (but he will not jeopardize your 501(c)3 status.)


15) And (we go big here)… if you are capable of uprooting in the next 4 years...move to New Hampshire!  

New Hampshire is a great state in its own right.

And liberty-minded people selected New Hampshire as the best state to beget “liberty in our lifetime”, where state government over individuals is minimized.  Their vehicle is the Free State Project.

Free State Project members include outsiders who are committed to moving to New Hampshire by the end of 2020.  The Free State Project reached its critical mass on February 3, 2016.  FSP members are pledged to make the move.  This move to a more liberated place has a whiff of Atlas Shrugged, in reality.   Those 20,000 "founders", plus the many “Live Free or Die” people now heading to New Hampshire, will allow strong legislative influence, perhaps even control, in the New Hampshire State House.

Mark Stewart is one of them (joined on “Tax Freedom Day” in May 2013). He’d be honored to help propel the move to liberty.

Free State Project people will help you settle comfortably in New Hampshire.  They can assist with learning about various towns, choosing schools, and taking advantage of great recreation.  There is even a dedicated realty firm to serve transplants who are "Movin' On Up!" – Team Porcupine Real Estate.

A benefit of actually moving, if done by December 2019, is that you can influence the whole nation.  If you are domiciled in New Hampshire by December 2019, you will be an influential poll-provider and  you can vote in New Hampshire’s “First In The Nation” primary.   New Hampshire has liberal primary voting laws, allowing independents to vote in EITHER the Democratic or Republican primary and retain independent (or other party) status.

Mr. Stewart will make the actual move on his 56th birthday, February 3rd, 2020, "a birthday present to my self". He thinks New Hampshire living will aid his life expectancy, and knows it will aid his quality of life.  "You just feel more free here.  As for life expectancy, we'll see -- 56 years outside NH and 56 more within would suit me fine."