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Stewart for Liberty, and others who support the cause of opening up more parties and propelling more viable candidates, bring these principles (below) for 2019 races.


1) At the Federal Level, government needs a massive change.  The two party system is incapable of making significant change.    


2) At the State level, governments vary, from solid to decrepit.  All waste money, but in small states with a frugal electorate, the waste is minimal.  All take power unnecessarily from individuals and private organizations, in favor of legislators, their bureaucracies, and the well-heeled special-interests that feed them.


3) At the municipal level, most governments run WELL.  That is because citizens have  more control.  We actually can meet our mayors and councilmen face-to-face.  We see many of them at school athletic events, in the grocery, or in restaurants. The officials have to be more responsive to the people.


4) At the private level is where civics are done BEST.  Individuals and small groups, untethered by bureaucracy, get things done better than government, even without the power of force.  


We need to elevate Levels 4 and 3.  Where that's impossible, we need to bring the mindset of those in levels 4 and 3 into the actions of levels 1 and 2.


Mark Stewart's local (to him) recommendations for Nov 5.


I have lived in three towns in this election cycle: New Britain, Farmington, and West Hartford.  All three have gotten better, and done so in part because of government.  That's not a rarity.  Small municipalities generally run well.  


At the governmental help of these three adjacent municipalities stand Mayor Erin Stewart, Town Council Chair Nancy Nickerson, and Mayor Shari Cantor.  All three deserve re-election.


Ms. Stewart (no relation to Mark) has served as New Britain's Mayor since 2013.  She was instrumental in landing a minor league baseball team within months of it's long-standing team leaving.  She helped engineer a technical relocation that is bringing over 200 jobs to the city.  Ms. Stewart was a contender for the 2018 Connecticut governorship; had party elders not pressured her out of the race, she likely would have won both the nomination and the governorship.


Since 2013, Mrs.  Nickerson has led a town that proudly houses a lot of quiet industry while providing clean, safe neighborhoods, 90 holes of golf, and low tax rates.  Farmington's is second lowest in the county.  Mrs. Nickerson largely stayed out of a controversial school rebuild plan that went down to ignominious voter defeat.  She keeps a steady hand on intelligent growth.


Mrs. Cantor stepped up well from Deputy Mayor to Mayor in 2016.  West Hartford was one of only three Hartford County towns to hold its real estate values during the 2009 - 2015 period. West Hartford vies with Providence, Hartford, and New Haven for sporting the most restaurants of any municipality between New York City and Boston.   The mayor is courteous, resourceful, and routinely gives a good boost to schools and business growth.

Stewart For Liberty: After November's Elections

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Seeing 20-20

When Experience is a NEGATIVE: State Government Service

"There is no substitute for experience".  Except in state government.  Connecticut's government is the ONLY reason we suffer as a state.  Almost every ailment stems from bad government policy.  


Our General Assembly has a system that you and I would NEVER invoke at home. 

Fighting the Josh Elliott Wing

Progressives are going to bankrupt Connecticut.  Their legislation, if enacted, means NO decent-sized business will headquarter itself here.  Indeed no business will site a division here, lest it come under the guns held by the radical Left.  


The Leftists want to pay people who don't want to work, by increasing taxes on us who have worked harder, planned well, or simply saved our earnings.

Are Progressives REALLY that popular?

In  Very few families in Connecticut want to pay people who don't want to work.  Very few families in Connecticut feel that $100,000+ annual pensions are warranted.  Very few families think our property taxes are too low.


Paying people long term who don't want to work, paying state workers lavish pensions when they no longer work, 

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