What Would Stewart Do?

Though the odds are Long, Mark is prepared to assume the presidential office for which he is on the ballot.  Indeed, armed with over 800 thinkers and doers who will fill appointments and judgeships, Mark may be better prepared to assume office than any president since Vice-President Bush succeeded Reagan in 1989. 


The list is long, and growing, but in essence:


  1. Compel Congress to remove three laws for every one it passes.

  2. Eliminate the income tax on U.S. citizens in three years.

  3. Instill sensible immigration.

  4. End federal welfare, starting with corporate welfare.

  5. End the war on drugs; fight real crime.

  6. End the draft; a nation worth saving will always draw avid fighters.


  1. Stop letting large firms dictate munitions contracts.


  1. Encourage socialist enclaves – let committed socialists practice wheat they want without foisting their policies on others.


  1. Encourage religious enclaves, where people need not abandon God’s laws to comply with a remote, insensitive federal government.


  1. Remove trade barriers.  Free trade helps all consumers and most businesses; stop protecting big businesses who have effective lobbyists.


Mark recognizes that a president is not a dictator.  Congress  has control of most of the above plans.  Mark encourages a more responsible Congress.  Indeed, should he be elected with long “coat-tails”, it’s to carry in a wave of fiscally-conservative, socially permissive Congressmen. 


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