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What Would Stewart Do?

Mark Stewart is an excellent candidate for the Vice-Presidency at this time.  He has a zeal to lead the U.S. Senate CONSTITUTIONALLY.  And a method, which is to refuse to propel unfair legislation, unwise legislation, and unConstitutional legislation.  He would be the "Dr. No" of the Federal Government


He would help repeal existing legislation, and recommend to the President to not enforce regulations not  directly voted upon by Congress.  The House and Senate have routinely made unConstitutional legislation since the 1900s, and since the 1930s the Judiciary has protected their activity. The result is a sellout to corporate power:  Big Financiers, Big Tech, and Big Industries gain while the individual loses.  


"I can't displace a U.S. Senator, but I can make the system in which they work far better".


Mark will be paired with the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee.  Yet to be selected, the 12 competing candidates are "the best crop of presidential candidates in my lifetime", says Mark.  "I relish the Party pairing me as VP with any one of them."


In case of a presidential resignation, Mark is prepared to assume the presidential office.  Indeed, armed with over 800 thinkers and doers who will fill appointments and judge-ships, and serve in a "kitchen cabinet", Mark may be better prepared to assume office than anyone since Vice-President Bush succeeded Reagan in 1989.   


Mark's "to do"  list is long and growing:


  1. Compel Congress to remove three laws for every one it passes.

  2. Eliminate the income tax on U.S. citizens in three years.

  3. Instill sensible immigration.

  4. End federal welfare, starting with corporate welfare.

  5. End the war on drugs; fight real crime.

  6. End the draft; a nation worth saving will always draw avid fighters.

  7. Stop letting large firms dictate munitions contracts.

  8. Encourage socialist enclaves – let committed socialists practice wheat they want without foisting their policies on others.

  9. Encourage religious enclaves, where people need not abandon God’s laws to comply with a remote, insensitive federal government.

  10. Remove trade barriers.  Free trade helps all consumers and most businesses; stop protecting big businesses who have effective lobbyists selling out the rest of us.


Mike Pence couldn't get a single Senator to act conservatively when the body indebted future generations by $2,000,000,000,000.  Mark Stewart would command at least 60 stalwart Senators to push back against bi-partisan acceptance of inter-generational theft.


Conservatives who don't act conservatively are breaking promises, and leading America to a mushy unprincipled goo, and Americans to less prosperity, less freedom, and less happiness.


Mark recognizes that a president is not a dictator.  Indeed, he and the Libertarian presidential nominee implore voters to stump for and vote in CONGRESSIONAL races, for the most libertarian candidates (if none is on the ballot, do a write-in!).  State Houses need more Libertarians seated; and the U.S. House certainly does.  We need a Congress with a majority of fiscally-conservative, socially permissive Congressmen. That will make Mark's job easy.  Until then, he will be the hardest-working Senate President (a.k.a. V.P.) in our lifetimes.  

What would we do without government in an emergency?

What would we do without government in an emergency?

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Why should CT Remove High Ballot Access Laws?

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What Would Stewart Do?  Penion Buy-Out: if offered, take it!

What Would Stewart Do? Penion Buy-Out: if offered, take it!

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