A Liberty- Minded Candidate 

for a better democracy 

  •  Extraordinary ideas being brought back by an ordinary citizen. 

  • Countering the surge of feelings based leaders 

  • Unifying around socially -permissive - fiscally -strict governance. 

  • Attempting to be a "model" so others better than me can run for Congress and State House seats.  

Mark Stewart will be on the Democrat primary ballot in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and two to five other states. 

He is a businessman, educator and founder of EPIC-Party.us, where other candidates like him are competing in their own regions on presidential ballots. EPIC (for "Every Politically Independent Citizen") is currently a faction, but could become a party if Democrats or Republicans continue their un-principled ways.  

"Conserva-tarian", Jeffersonian, "JFK Democrat", "small l"  libertarian.  What MLK and Barry Goldwater would want in a modern candidate.

Seeing 20-20

When Experience is a NEGATIVE: State Government Service

"There is no substitute for experience".  Except in state government.  Connecticut's government is the ONLY reason we suffer as a state.  Almost every ailment stems from bad government policy.  


Our General Assembly has a system that you and I would NEVER invoke at home. 

Fighting the Josh Elliott Wing

Progressives are going to bankrupt Connecticut.  Their legislation, if enacted, means NO decent-sized business will headquarter itself here.  Indeed no business will site a division here, lest it come under the guns held by the radical Left.  


The Leftists want to pay people who don't want to work, by increasing taxes on us who have worked harder, planned well, or simply saved our earnings.

Are Progressives REALLY that popular?

In Connecticut...no.  Very few families in Connecticut want to pay people who don't want to work.  Very few families in Connecticut feel that $100,000+ annual pensions are warranted.  Very few families think our property taxes are too low.


Paying people long term who don't want to work, paying state workers lavish pensions when they no longer work,