Mark Stewart does NOT want your campaign donations!  He wants your sentiments.  Express your sentiments for Freedom and better governance here - Mr. Stewart reads them every week!

If you see yours posted, congratulations - you are at the forefront of modern liberty.  Take those sentiments and spread them.  Do radio ads (you can, up until 45 days before an election).  Take them to Editors and blogs.  This is the best kind of democracy.


Five reasons:

1) Bringing the liberty message to Democrats.  On liberty and freedom, Democrats need more voices.  Our leaders have fogotten what JFK and MLK stood for.  

2) Expanding political participation.  Too few voters are active at promoting or curtailing legislation.  We leave it to influential insiders, who enact harmful legislation.  We can't stand by while the legislature and lobbyists sell us out.

3) Squashing forced socialism.  Government commands reduce our freedoms.  When CT residents have the freedom to educate their kids as we wish, work as we wish, get health care as we wish, and save for retirement as we wish, our state thrives.

4) Rescuing Connecticut.   Our people are tremendous.  It's our government that's held us back.  This campaign proposes a massive rollback in how Hartford spends our public dollars and restricts our businesses.

5) Leading Connecticut.  There are so many public-private initiatives we can enact that will allow Connecticut to prosper -- and help neighboring states along the way.  We should be open-minded about using our technology, our entrepreneurship, and our brainpower to return Connecticut to the nation's most prosperous state.

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A Liberty-Minded DEMOCRAT is now running for Governor.

Jeffersonian, "small d" democrat, environmentalist, "JFK Democrat", "small l"  libertarian.

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