What can you do for Stewart?

Three reasons:

1) Bringing the liberty message to Democrats.  They are the largest party.  That's where the most votes are.  Picking off a few Republicans might get LP's presidential totals from 1% to 3%.  Showing DEMOCRATS that their values are better served by Libertarians can move us to 30% or more!

2) Expanding the LP at lower levels.  The liberty message resonates with voters.  They don't need a party.  They need to see candidates dedicated to them, with principle that override political influences.  They need to see that state assemblies, and perhaps Congress will operate BETTER with three parties. 

3) Trying to make a prominent third party permanent.  The LP is the longest lasting third party  Indeed, the vision here is  to make LP a "second" party or even a "first" party (a "Grand New Party" or "GNP" if you like).

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Mark Stewart does NOT want your campaign donations!  He wants your sentiments.  Express your sentiments for Freedom and better governance here - Mr. Stewart reads them every week!

If you see yours posted, congratulations - you are at the forefront of modern liberty.  Take those sentiments and spread them.  Do radio ads (you can, up until 45 days before an election).  Take them to Editors and blogs.  This is the best kind of democracy.

What's a Liberty-Minded DEMOCRAT Doing in the Libertarian Party?

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