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Democrats For DeSantis

Why Not Donald Trump
in 2024?:
Readers' Thoughts on Trump

"Nobody faced more hostile media in our lifetimes than President Trump.  Not just hostile, but willing to lie and submerge the truth."

"Errr...what President pulled us out of two warring nations and settled Mideast conflicts between Israel and THREE others?  That would be Donald Trump."

"Trump should stay away. He'll make the 2024 election all about 2020.  Not a good way to 'move forward'."

"Best candidate of my lifetime, I said in 2015.  But "most disappointing President" since he fulfilled none of his campaign expectations.  Peace in Mideast was inadvertent - and a lot owed to Ivanka, not Donald."

"The best president since Reagan was cheated by the nefarious Democrats.  He deserves another chance.  Then he can really roll back the Deep State."

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Why Democrats Matter:

The Democrats are the largest party.  The Democratic Party sticks together with rigidity at election times.  Once elected, the Democrats use their positions to expand their power.

Democrats hold offices that can stifle Republican proposals.  

A turn-around is harder to effect, but more important.  If DeSantis is elected WITH SIGNIFICANT  DEMOCRAT support, his proposed legislation gets more cred.  

Getting Republicans to turn out in high numbers certainly matters.  For each candidate gaining an otherwise quiet voter it's a +1.

Turning a Democrat voter to a Republican voter is a +2.  It's a +2 in every contest on the ballot.  If there are 15 contests in the next two years, a turnaround is potentially a +30.

Turning an independent (who has a 50-50 disposition for voting Republican) is only a +1 when adding her or him to the Republican column. The nature of most independent voters is to not give their vote to one party across the line.  So with the 15 contests over the next two years, the independent turned on to Republican is at best a +13, Work on the +30 opportunity.


Furthermore, a schism within a Democrat enclave is more powerful than in a Republican one.  Democrats are used to the lock-step 100%.  A break in this "purity", if pursued, can truly ratchet the Democrats.    Republicans are used to voters branching off; they lose to the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party

Why Ron DeSantis is the best governor of our lifetime:

Readers' Thoughts on DeSantis 2024:
"Very good guy to go after our most influential enemy...woke corporations.  Republicans used to rely on "Corporate America".  We've lost much of it, but DeSantis' threats, and his sensibilities, might bring corporate America back."

"Nobody helps schoolchildren better than Mr. DeSantis.  He has a whole state full of teachers now unable to peddle their filthy ideologies in school....still worried what they and the AFT can do outside the school, but if anyone can stifle that activity, it's DeSantis."

"Nobody has had a better first term as governor than Ron DeSantis.  Period."

"This man deserves to be in the White House.  Americans need him in the white house.  As athletes, Hollywood, media, foundations, and now corporations all have gone progressive, conservatives need a strong bulwark."

"Ha!  How great is shipping 50 illegals to Martha's Vineyard!. And, right on cue, the progressive spokeswoman tells the world "but we can't house these people!".  Eat your words.  Or let them stay and cut your lawns.  But no, you don't want random Venezuelans in your opulent homes."

"He's not mellow. Which is good.  Politics needs a tussle from the Right.  We've been too gentle. I'll gladly take a brawler that knows how to use power."

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