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The First 700 Days

The rough agenda for the first two years following election.  


Note that two grand things will NOT be tackled until after 2020, only tweaked: 

            extricating from medicare


            Pre-K education.


Both are important, but both will be in play on a national basis leading to the 2020 elections.  So these are two areas for NOT jumping forward.  Plus, we have SOOOO many other good things to do.  Voila!

November 2018:


Nov 7, 2018  Sleep.  Every energetic campaigner who wants to work shaping the new administration gets 4 - 20 days R & R. 


11/11/18  Veterans' Day commemoration and then Election Party at Dunkin Donuts Park. 

All campaign staff planning to stay on convene on Tuesday 11/27 for hands-on work of making the state better.   Those skilled on phones continue our private efforts to land International firms in Connecticut, this time with state imprimatur.  Those who assess talent well begin to recruit and survey outsiders bring to state governance and quasi-governance.   Those who are good fundraisers, turn their attention to growing the LF, CC, and EE funds. 


Mid-November: Thank you notes.  And questions for all supporters who've been in touch for months "how can this governor and this incoming General Assembly help you?"


Facilitate Hartford and other urban students attending GOOD schools if they wish.  Starting in January (new semester) no minority child who wants to be in a magnet school is denied based on skin color.  Sheff v. ONeill is at end.


Meet with people who were angered during the campaign.  Assess their continuing complaints.  

Late November:  Issue to all state employees questionnaires:  "how would you do your work better privately?"

Meet with Police Chiefs to discuss community policing.  

Meet with School Boards + Educators to discuss smooth transitions for parent choice, better offerings, bringing in online teaching, guns in citizens' hands outside of schools. sex ed, civics, SAT excellence, funding sports and arts, Common Core.  All on the agenda.


December 2018:


Hold office meetings wherever we get space to organize.   Get confidentiality signatures and pledges to the weekly mantra "how can I help Connecticut this week?"

D 18  Assess first state employee responses to "how would you do your work better privately?"

D 18  Interview candidates to replace those who will be leaving state service.

D 18  Meet with state police, local police, and private security professionals, esp. regarding prevention of terrorism at malls, power plants, churches, and sporting events.

D 18  Meet Gov. Malloy to work on continuing the GOOD things he inaugurated or continued.  Work with Gov Malloy to do any Good things that can't be done once he leaves office.  Let him look good / take credit; fine.


D 18  Meet with housing advocates, homeless advocates, builders, and safely regulators.

D 18  Meet with technical HS, technical university administrators, and CT businesses to streamline flow of youthful talent to CT industry.

D 18  Meet with environmental assessors, private and DEEP.

D 18  Meet with the heads of CT's armed forces.  Learn more about their capabilities and responsibilities.

D 18 Take the names and desired school choices of all Hartford parents who'd like to send their child to another school.  Help re-align staff to make a smooth integration to their chosen schools at the beginning of the next semester (late January).


January 2019:

Jan 2019  Move to Bushnell Tower so I can walk to work.  (The "Mansion" on Prospect Ave is ceremonial and will otherwise be rented out at a profit to the state.)

J 19 Lease private space in Hartford for LF Fund and NHL Here activities.

Jan 9, 2019 - Inauguration @ 12:00.  Return to work (new offices) by 2:00.

J 19 Stand in front of the General Assembly to push for SERIOUS penalties against sex trafficking of underage girls. To those pimps, if possible, allow for the death penalty - it corrupts many men, and leads to the death or at least scarring of the innocent girls.

J 19 Begin English Immersion for adults who have refrained from learning English.  Teach one class a month at 30 Arbor Street or in my newly leased offices.

J 19 Assess Hartford Tunnel, New Haven to Long Island Tunnel, and I-95/Merritt improvements.

J 19 End Education Cost Sharing for schools.  Enact Voucher system for "First 500 schools", some of which will begin in September.

February 2019:


F19  Work with General Assembly to begin REPEAL of laws that are ineffective.  

F19 Continue "Friday For Liberty" shows, but with state imprimatur, possibly on Hartford's Channel 18.

F19 Provided the General Assembly has removed at least three bad laws, propose one good one.: potentially the incarceration of those who use bots to spam-call our cell phones.

F19 Invite 60 bands to play 20 weekends in Hartford May through September.  Hartford = "The New Branson".

F19 Offer Tax Amnesty - you have 2 months to come clean with little penalty.  Otherwise we go after you fiercely.

Offer tax amnesty

F19 Begin "Take Five", the program to give long term welfare recipients with a plan their five month balloon payment, after which they will not be on welfare rolls.  "Up or out" is the message; "Take Five" is the stark opportunity to A) improve yourself, B) get out of CT, or C) stay in CT with minimal public assistance.



February Civic + personal

Stand in front of an entrance to a Hartford elementary school where some foul judge has ruled that children "can't attend because of their race" on Sheff v. O'Neil grounds.  Let someone sue me, I'll collect service of process on those very school steps -- reverse Orval Faubus (of Arkansas 1957) style.

Begin the "Adventure Room" trail - of cerebral places adults and teens can attend for wholesome fun and stimulation. 


personal -- Begin teaching U.S. History/Civics classes at Hartford High School one morning a month.

personal - begin personal coaching in negotiations, and delicacy.

personal - Snowboard somewhere (Stowe with Trudeau?  It's half way between Hartford and Ottawa) 

March 2019:


M 19  Begin the process of letting State Agencies who fulfill true needs privatize themselves.  Talented state employees get to become owners.

M 19  Get a meeting with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, for quiet federal backing, if necessary, of "first 500 schools".  

M 19  Work with General Assembly on Lottery expansion and casino expansion, so new revenues from out-of staters flow to CT while resident addicts are identified and somewhat deterred from spending "too much" on gaming.

M 19  Persuade Legislature to enact Eastern Xtra Time, to move clocks forward 1 more hour from Mother's Day to Labor Day.

M 19  Plan to solidify online transaction taxes  to begin in July 2019 to assure ourselves of revenue not slipping through.  This is NOT a new tax. 

April 2019:


A 19  Begin the Parks-by-Citizens program, a 2.5 month transition  to July 1 hand-off.

A 19  First conference to lure International firms to Connecticut.

A 19  ATF month, push for sensible laws on Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

by April 20 decline to enforce marijuana busts: "you're wasting your time". 

A 19 Subject to review of post-conviction violence, liberate all non-violent drug offenders.  GOOD people, with no other criminality, get set free (or placed on probation).

May 2019:


May 19 remove barriers to individuals bringing suit

May 19 Choose judges who are more willing to invoke summary judgement on frivolous cases.

May 19 re-staff for July and September spots.  

May 19 Get CT interns to staff our Foreign embassies.

late May -- At the legislature's call by day.  Speak at High School Graduations by night.


June 2019:

Special Women's Improvement Month.  ("Swim", not "sink") Help single Moms to better work-life balance.  Help women get pistol training.  Help those who had to leave school early complete their educations. Use law students and seasoned negotiators to help underpaid women earn what they deserve.


Negotiate with IRS and the Treasury Dept. for Conscientious Tax Objectors.

Negotiate with INS to protect Conscientious Immigrants while making it easier to deport dangerous immigrants.

Negotiate with Census Bureau to conduct our own, lean Census for acceptance with the Feds in 2020. 

Negotiate with FBI and NSA for record sharing to enhance our own anti-crime CCD.


June Civic + personal

Publicly reward the first 10 families whose breadwinners got off state support under Take Five. $1000 apiece from personal funds.

First "Governor's Softball Game" at Dunkin Donuts Park (Democrats vs. Republicans), followed by "Beach Volleyball" at Ocean Beach.  Captains Charlie Baker and Gina Raimondo flip coin for first serve.


After  General Assembly adjourns - Golf somewhere neat, with liberty-minded people Internationally.  Possibly at a Trump course.  Help plan, if my help is needed, the International Liberty Convention for June 2020.

In the far north (Thule AFB?) - Heli-Ski somewhere neat, at 4am.


July 2019:

Jul 19 Repeal most regulations enacted without the legislature. Selectively enforce the ones we seem to be stuck with.  

Jul 19  Lottery reform, "wide-but not deep", including taking international wagers online.

Jul 19  Begin publicizing the record of all spending, and how it hits the pockets of each family, each child, and each tax-paying family. 

Jul 19  Have college students produce videos that spotlight the perversity of many welfare programs. 

August 2019:


Aug 19  Review power grid suppliers' contracts

Aug 19  Review cable TV and other "natural monopoly" fairness to consumers.

Aug 19  Work with CT teachers on Common Core, Curriculum Choice, freedom for teachers, paras, and families.  Pension reform for new hires?

Aug 19 Spend two weeks in NY and NJ recruiting firms.

September 2019:


Sep 19  Make first court nominations, including as many work-friendly arbiters and judges possible.

Sep 19  Cyber Crime Detection institute launches pilot.

Sep 19  Drone use conference convenes.  CT en-route to becoming a model state for responsible, safe commercial and civilian use.

October 2019:


Oct 19  Give State backing, as lender of last resort, for an NHL team to begin in 11 to 23 months.  

Oct 19  Push to abolish CEP and other stupid campaign finance laws.

Oct 19  Negotiate or renegotiate state labor contracts,

Oct 19  Offer municipalities the chance to opt-in for services staffed by union workers and negotiated with the state.


October Civic + personal:

Be the co-MC for the first NHL game in Connecticut in 22 years - possibly Tom Dundon's team.

Set up winter TGIForums in other states.  Meet "third party" candidates to assure they get in WELL.  Assist state "third party" officials who'd like to run state and presidential advisory primaries. 

Publicly reward the first schools now operating under "First 500".


Golf somewhere in the CT hills at courses I have yet to play.

November 2019:


Nov 19 Begin the Conscientious Tax Objectors Sanctuary Program.

Nov 19 Begin clemency review.

Nov 19 Begin "Octagon", the Online Currency Trading Analyst's Generous Open Network  

Nov 19 IF Revenues have come through low, call a special session to consider expanding the online sales tax, but to a LOWER level than the current state tax (3% ideally).

Nov 19 Provided DOT work rules and contracting rules have been amended to save us money, approve "Malloy list" transportation projects and release funds.

December 2019:


Dec 19  Assess how CT might add to the effectiveness of LF Funds, as stakeholders desire.

Dec 19  Convene panels, first with police and state troopers, then citizens, on community policing

Dec 19   Referenda on how to raise revenue, private polling.

Dec 19  Issue reprieves to most people incarcerated for victimless crimes.

Dec 19  Meet with citizens who oppose big business lobbyists; select "balancers" for  lobbyist meetings in 2020.


January 2020:

Jan 2, 2020  If cleared legally, execute those who fail clemency.  Attend, if not solemnly participate in, a return to justice in Connecticut.

Jan 20  Analyze referenda results.  Begin to prod the General Assembly to use straight increases or decreases for the next 5 years.

Jan 20  Inaugurate prison cost review

Jan 20  "Take Five", now drops to "Three and Out" for those who have yet to take advantage of the five month opportunity.

Jan 20  Begin selling state lands that would be better in private hands.  Facilitate municipal lands that would be better in private hands.
Jan 20  Final cuts to administration and legislative staff implemented.



February 2020:

Feb 20  Begin the Golden Fleece appellations to bad agencies and legislators. 

Feb 3, 2020 Begin the investigation of altering minority and adult status to a tribunal-based system.

Feb 20  Begin the phase-in of professional jurors, with an emphasis on retired and unemployed people.

Feb 20  Invite health firms and insurers to a marketplace free of Medicare, a 9 month project.

Feb 20  With Comptroller's office, calculate new tax rates based on 2019 spending increases (or reductions!).


February Civic + personal 

Take first-ever meetings with lobbyists, always attended by "balancers".  This is the NEW way of doing business.

Seeing 20-20 -- help restore status, dignity, and attraction to charities doing great work in CT.

Spend the rest of the 2019 LF funds, as stakeholders desire. 


snowboard with cool college students.


March 2020:

Mar 20  Invite proposals for infrastructure statewide and regionwide, including improved Boston, NYC, and Providence transit.

Mar 20  Begin the rejuvenation (possibly post-bankruptcy) of Hartford.

Mar 20  Interview teachers for "TLC" - Teachers leading Connecticut.

Mar 20  Work with medical professionals to increase services, pushing to loosen the constraints on good practice and get more good MDs and Nursing Pros to CT.

April 2020:


April 20 Begin facilitating Tweed Airport (New Haven) for more commercial flights.

April 20  Invite environmental specialists to convene for proposals to protect our air and water while securing individual rights and property rights.

April 20 Complete the removal of laws that punish consensual sale of drugs to adults.

May 2020:


May 20  Announce first "immigration lottery" winners.

May 20  Energy month.  Work with out-of-state suppliers and in-state unions to reduce delivery costs.

May 20  Convene Unions with a high number of state workers. 


June 2020:

June 20  Attend National LP / Amigo Convention, hopefully in New Haven or Hartford, to convene "The Governor's Liberty Council" to get more LPers elected.

June 20  Invite proposals to build around newly planned transport terminals.


June  Civic + Personal

Attend the first Conference of Governments in Exile.  (Possibly as an adjunct to the LP / Amigo convention.) 

Help GOOD CT General Assembly candidates win their primaries.

Seeing 20-20 -- swarm public school ceremonies with the benefits of staying in CT.

Seeing 20-20 -- Dishonor tax confiscation on "Tax Freedom Day".


End the school year and start the new year with SAT prep send-offs to my former and current students.

July 2020:


July 20  Begin the process of UConn and the State Universities acting more like private colleges.  Add to it: athletes pay for their facility use; athletes in revenue sports may keep the lion's share of the net profits.  Stand up to the NCAA if THEY want to.


July 20  Begin (mildly) the Medicare phase-out.  This is a pinprick, and meant to be a model for what all states should do if the Feds do too little.  It should help propel the issue of consumer choice in care for the 2020 national elections.


August 2020:

Aug 20  Coincident (?) with ACL party primaries, take a referendum on people's views on privacy and community policing.

Aug 20  Spend two more weeks in NY and NJ recruiting firms. 

September 2020:


Sep 20  Spend one week in MA and RI recruiting firms. 

Sep 20  Consider pension negotiations.

Sep 20  First graduating Class at CCD begins legal investigations of fraud, theft, and laundering.

Sep 20  Begin a state-run, owned -by-Connecticut families, international airline.


October 2020:

Oct 20  First prosecutions from CCD referrals.

Oct 20  First prosecutions of petty criminals who happen to have large pensions.


October Civic + personal

Help GOOD NH legislature candidates win election - Free State Party.

"Seeing 20-20" -- Columbus Day celebration in New Haven


River cruise - NH to CT -- "Connecticut Lakes" to Old Saybrook

Begin to study theology.

Oct 10, 2020  Attend Dartmouth @ Yale!  Speak with students about Columbus and America's greatness. Meet with Yale Divinity School professors.

November 2020:


Nov 20  With outgoing General Assembly, work to "do some stuff right", including legal claw-backs.

Nov 20  Plan the first "Sundance East", a festival of TRUTHful documentaries to take place on the CT shore every September.  

Nov 20  Subject to national referenda about US President and Medicaid, begin hospital reform and extrication from Medicaid/Medicare/ACA..

Nov 20  CCD records shared with, perhaps sold to, other states desirous of similar prosecutions.

Plan B (If I lack clout):

If Revenues have fallen markedly short to met a disaster, finalize "transponder" use for immediate tracking and revenue collection.   

Privatize only the divisions that have received single-digit support in two straight referendums.   

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