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Mark Stewart is a businessman, former lawyer, and educator.  During law school, he supported himself teaching SAT prep courses.  He felt he could do better for students and founded a tutoring firm of his own in 2001.  Since then he has helped over 5000 high school students enter competitive colleges, and many youngsters improve their math, English, and Science abilities in school. 


His current businesses are Education Excellence, which gives students more post-grad opportunities through private guidance counseling, and Firm Connections, which helps under-employed people build stability and financial success.


Mark is a 








leader.  He is helping the Libertarian Party displace the duopoly that the "Big Old Parties" hold.  He supports third party candidates of almost any stripe, but implores them, and independent-minded Democrats and Republicans, to look first to the Libertarians.  The most tolerant, open-minded, and ultimately UNIFYING party is the LP.



Mark Stewart Greenstein is a businessman, former lawyer, and educator.  During law school, he supported himself teaching SAT prep courses.  He felt he could do better for students and founded a tutoring firm of his own in 2001.  Since then he has helped over 5000 students enter competitive colleges.  His current business is Education Excellence, which gives students more post-grad opportunities through outsourced in-school guidance counseling


Mark is a liberty-oriented democrat.  He is helping the Democrat party return to tolerance and individualism. 


Mr. Greenstein would roll back state welfare in favor of private welfare, and abolish ECS in favor of choice for school children.  He would end the income tax, reduce regulations on business, end state control over individuals who harm nobody, reassert the death penalty, and assertively hunt cyber-criminals.  Mr. Greenstein would end political favoritism by pushing to repeal three laws for every one passed, and would not vote for any law longer than two pages. 


Mark takes zero money from donors.  His campaign is based only on personal savings.


If empowered by Governor Lamont, Mark will bring out-of-state businesses to Connecticicut, including international firms and an NHL team to replace the Whalers.


Founder and Lead Solicitor to bring African, Asian, European, and Latin American firms to Connecticut. 

Incorporator and Proposal Writer to land Amazon's HQ2 in Northern Connecticut.

Founder and Promoter of "NHL Here", which allows thousands of CT residents the chance to own the Whalers upon their return.

Creator of the LF Fund, a charity to show how private funds can effectively replace state funding for many worthy charities.

None.  (Uncompromised so far).

Never made political promises that couldn’t be kept.
Never spent donors’ money
Never compromised a public principle
Campaigned vs Al Gore & Bill Bradley in 2000 (New Hampshire Primary)
Campaigned vs Hillary Clinton in 2006 (for U.S. Senate in New York)
Founded “The Resistance” in 2015

Co-Founder E.P.I.C Party (For Every Politically Independent Citizen)

In The News

Mark Stewart with Alu Axelman of "the Liberty Block" - 55 min.

Meriden Record Journal with Mike Savino 

WNPR Interview

Mark is speaking at:  5:00,  8:55,  14:00  17:40   23:40

Glastonbury Governor Forum

The Vinnie Penn Project

Primo Nutmeg

Interview with Primo Nutmeg.    Mark's clips can be heard at:


2:40 -  Moderate Democrat with libertarian attitudes


4:15 - CT Democrats are in jeopardy of losing their legislative majority.


5:10 - Libertarian values coincide with progressive goals!


7:20 - Choice in Education


11:15  The stet Income Tax.


12:20 - Welfare: what bleeding hearts with big wallets should do.


13:25 - They say "Tax the Rich".  I say "go to Cuba".


15:15 - Equality of Condition vs. Equality of Opportunity


16:15 - State income tax


18:45 - NY vs CT -- appeal to business


19:15 - Connecticut Commerce


2010 - OSHA and NLRB regulators


23:20 - Marijuana and freedom


26:40 - Marijuana and Peyote and Richard Nixon


28:00 - Opiates


29:10 - Free college tuition


31:00 - Suing pharmaceutical firms


33:15 - Best deterrent: Good Guys with Guns.


35:20 - Property Confiscations by Police

Hartford Debate - April 18, 2018

27:00  Don't trust government!; legislature INHERENTLY errs

36:00  No tolls!   Mark's MUCH better revenue alternative

46:50  "downsizing government"; protecting teacher pensions

54:00 Question by Councilwoman Cynthia Jennings re incarceration disparities by race and education disparities by race.

56:00 Mark's answer re incarceration disparities by race and education disparities by race. 

League of Women Voters; 5th Senate District Debate

Feb. 15, 2019 West Hartford Town Hall 



6:30  Introduction -  By LWV's Carole Mulready

18:25  A Rare Democrat who knows CT has a SPENDING problem.

19:20  The Budget - Mark Stewart's Suggestion


22:15  Election Day Voting

23:10  To those who don't care...DON'T vote.


27:25  Keep Your Paws off of voters' funds!

28:00  Home makers budget reasonably. Gov't budgeting is decrepit.


30:50 The MSG "Wheelhouse": Landing AMAZON in Connecticut.

31:00  Landing International Firms in CT.  My


35:50  Incentives for wooing business.

36:35  Getting an NHL Team back.  "Make Connecticut SKATE Again!"


40:35  Mark vs. Derek: why does CT  /  Boston need your legislation?


43:30  We don;t need government to reduce our plastics.

44:00  Thanks to awareness "I use very few plastic bags now".  


47:15  Resist Regionalism!  It's dangerous for WH, Farm. & Har-Bur.

47:50  West Hartford's schools are GOOD.  Keep the thugs away!

48:20  A Democrat who believes in SCHOOL CHOICE!


51:00  Immigration.  Stand up for GOOD immigrants in CT.


53:30  The best consumer protection: Free Market & Free Choice.

54:00  Government should be a BACKSTOP.  Leave people alone.


59:15 The Dopiness of ECS.  WH will NEVER get more funds.


1:02:20  Jillian Gilchrest's well-meaning, but WAYWARD proposal.

1:03:10  Guns among well-training civilians protect us, esp. women.


Closing Statement - Mark Stewart Greenstein

1:11:30  Helping kids, the poor, single moms, African-Americans.

1:12:00 The Josh Elliott wing thwarts this.  They are strong & wrong.

1:12:30  Minimum Wage hurts urban kids who most need a 1st job!

1:13:00  Why Bill Clinton is "too moderate" for the Josh Elliott wing.

1:13:20 The worthy Third Party i launched: it makes Rs & Ds better