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Why Mark?

Future, Present and Past..

Unique combination of Entrepreneur, Educator, Businessman, and Public Servant


Running for State Senate in TWO states simultaneously - possibly a first. 



Fiscally Strict - "because it's YOUR money"; 

Socially permissive - "because the government should stay out of YOUR business!"


Collected more signatures in once cycle than any candidate in Connecticut history - 2018 Governor Campaign (self) and 2016 LP Presidential campaign (for Gary Johnson).


2020 Super Tuesday primary (3000+ votes in California vs. the Democrat field)


Challenger in 2016 NH Democrat Primaries (vs. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders)


Challenger for U.S. Senate in 2006 (vs. Hillary Clinton)


Ran in the Democrat NH Primary in 2000, vs. Al Gore and Bill Bradley: 


Same message then as now!   Mark's responses at:


9:30,  49:49   1:03:49  1:09:20   1:22:15    1:36:00




Why Mark for Libertarians?


Mark has an uplifting message for Democrats (he has been a Democrat longer than Bernie Sanders).


Mark has a searing message for Republicans (he Registered Republican the first day he was eligible , as a high school student in 1982)


Mark has the most optimistic message for Independent / "Third Party" voters.  (Hear here!)


Mark has never uttered a disparaging word about a current Libertarian.


And in case he somehow riles you, he's committed to resigning after 18 months.  So YOUR GUY (or gal) can succeed Mark.


Here's a few Vids today, meant just for Libertarians:   how to be inclusive   UBI - never again!   What we stay away from. 


More videos, especially for Libertarians, are at


Mark meets with Libertarians by Zoom every weekday at 5:00pm and 11:00pm EST. Join him at code 493-610-6872. No password needed!

Why Mark

Why Mark
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