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Politics 101

Mark Stewart has been a student of Government since college.  He has studied the good and not-so-good of American government, the limits of power, and the effective uses of power by presidents, Congress, and occasionally governors.


Connecticut needs strong, principled people in its General Assembly and the Governor's chair.  That should be from ANY political party.  Connecticut will do well with strong third party and independent officials.  The two-party "duopoly" has meant too much insider control, and too many bi-partisan sellouts.


Result: Republican officials and Democrat officials get along by selling out the People.  They compromise; they "kick cans down an endless road".  Their failure to fund our past obligations, and their layer-upon-layer of bonding (laying expenses on future generations), is coming home to roost.  Connecticut is the only New England state  to see negative economic growth over the past 20 years.  


The GOOD thing is that government is the EASIEST thing to change.  We are not afflicted with poorly educated people; we still have our natural resources; we still have our property intact.  


Thus the optimism: Mr. Stewart is a candidate who knows that a resurgence of GOOD government can bring CT out of its fiscal woes. And a resurgence can be had in 2018.


Though still a Democrat, Mr. Stewart is part of the "ACL" Party: AMiGo Constitution Liberty.  He's a businessman, but otherwise a political outsider.  In 2018, ONLY an outsider can be a forceful, effective "navigator" for steering CT back to a fiscally robust state.  Here is where  confidence is warranted: IF an outsider is elected governor, it would show the rest of the General Assembly his great popular support.  That helps us to quick legislation.  That helps steamroll the remaining General Assembly members stuck in old ways.  If they don't get on board with reasoned popular sentiment, they will be voted out in the next election.  THAT is democracy at its best.

Politics 101

Politics 101
SFL - Talk. Impromptu.  The Husband-Wife long campaign strategy.

SFL - Talk. Impromptu. The Husband-Wife long campaign strategy.

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SFL - Talk.  Conservatives running in Democrat primaries.

SFL - Talk. Conservatives running in Democrat primaries.

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SFL - Why one candidate will NOT speak on foreign policy

SFL - Why one candidate will NOT speak on foreign policy

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SFH - Good Collaborators - to lead Hartford TOGETHER

SFH - Good Collaborators - to lead Hartford TOGETHER

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ACL Party's Straw Poll highlights Borelli, Stewart, Stemerman, and Kasparov.

The AMiGo Constitution Liberty Party held a "straw poll" on Saturday evening in Farmington to reveal preferences for its party's Lieutenant Governor candidate. 

New Political Party Ramps Up for Governor's race: Press Release 9/7/18

The newest state-wide political party, Amigo Constitution Liberty, will be competing in the November governor's race. 

Staying atop the "Blue Wave".

Socialism has captured the fancy of too many voters.  


They are misguided, but too few political leaders have stepped up effectively.  Mark implores mainstream Democrats to voice their sensibilities. 

Just once, can urban dwellers please not vote for a leftist Democrat?

Democrat leaders do not help you.  Look around.  If your city is better than it was 40 years ago it was probably due to capitalism, not government policy.  And many cities are worse off.  m about? What makes it interesting? 

AMIGO Party Principles

Americans for Minimal Government (“AMiGo”) Party Principles

The AMiGo Party, also known as “Americans for Minimal Government” Constitution  Liberty or “ACL” in some states. welcomes principled candidates for office.  In Connecticut, AMiGo convenes the First Friday of each month at 6pm online and in person.  Contact Mark Stewart using  More is at

Libertarians are socially liberal and individually tolerant

Libertarians are socially liberal and individually tolerant.  Both are hallmarks of traditional Democrat Party tenets.  Libertarians are pro-peace, pro free-trade, and pro-choice on almost every issue.  These are the hallmarks of Democrat precepts too.

Charlotte’s Now Unrestful Rest Rooms

So progressive pundit Bill Press thinks we are "haters". Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti appears to feel the same. We want to make sure women are safe in public restrooms, and girls are safe in school locker rooms; these “progressives” assume we are haters.

Romney's 47% and Stewart's 99%

I'm a candidate for the 99%. I represent those who are NOT largely dependent on government (by Mitt Romney’s estimate 53%), and those who are dependent on government but uncomfortably so.

Funding for Needle Exchanges is Misplaced Compassion

Lifting the ban on needle exchanges is unwise. There is no question needle exchanges prolong addiction. A harmful addiction should be held with the same horror as a physical disease. Or worse.

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