Mark Stewart is a candidate bringing Civics to the forefront.  His campaign invokes civic virtue almost as much as it invokes government policy.  That's because Mr. Stewart would prefer to remove many policies from the government realm and return them to individuals and private organizations.


Government can't practice virtue as well as individuals.   Government can't teach virtue as well as pastors, parents, rabbis, and private counselors.  That's because the most well-meaning, selfless people within government service are inevitably part of a political process that dilutes their ideals.  Whatever an individual wants or needs, the bureaucrats want and need it less.  The bureaucrat typically has to compromise to get some instead of none.


Individuals do not have to compromise.  Single families and private groups get more done, better, than legislatures and bureaucrats.  We need to frame debates on how to return more power to the individuals and private groups, and remove power from those who cannot completely enact our best interests.


The beauty is that free markets and minimal regulations have proven themselves to bring us more goods, more services, better health, and higher prosperity than governments ever will.  This part of Mark's Civic efforts is an as EDUCATOR.  He routinely speaks with student groups to elaborate in areas of economics, civics and ethics in ways their school-teachers often can't.  


Mark's campaign thus has National implication in the realm of civics.  People in other states need to pay attention to what the Stewart for Liberty campaign is expounding.