For Teens

No governor in U.S. history has worked professionally with as many teens and parents as Mark Stewart Greenstein.  As a test prep teacher, he has served in the classroom with over 2000 students.  As an advisor on high school success and the college admissions process, he has counseled over 3000 families with teenagers.


Mark has developed courses of study, for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and US History.  His annotated classic novels are still in use by students wanting to improve their vocabulary while reading difficult literature.  Mark created a BreakThrough reading course for middle and high school students, and he co-developed a "Study Skills" course for use by schools with their teenagers.  


Mark helps assure parents that their students are on a good academic track, and gives suggestions where that track needs improvement.  


A Governor Mark Stewart Greenstein can help assure much more.  He would facilitate after-school enrichment in schools that currently close by 3pm.  He would expand school-to-work internships with firms who become potential employers.  He would encourage "safe sporting" so more teens are in healthful sports instead of lured into online gaming.  


As for teens who are lured to worse (gambling, drugs, prostitution), Mark believes in more mentoring.  But the big move needs to come from parents who will take their teens away from bad neighborhoods.  Stewart's school and tax policies forthrightly encourage moves away from blighted areas to the salubrious communities that abound in Connecticut.