For Women

Few candidates in this nation, and very few in the Democrat Party, extol feminism as Mark Stewart.


Mr. Stewart has an overriding appreciation for women's dignity.  This applies both morally an in government policy.  


In policy, he would go after "deadbeat dads" for child support.  He would fund, personally, a legal aid clinic and use office space in a portion of the Capitol  to help harassed or displaced women.   


He would help underpaid women, particularly single moms, who have a tremendous burden.  And he would aid women who are starting businesses. 


In the private realm, he can do little with a wayward General Assembly, but should they not protect the privacy and dignity of women in public restrooms against sauntering men, and girls in locker rooms from boys changing and showering with them those "progressive" assemblymen will face the largest public ire from any governor since Calvin Coolidge.


In BOTH realms, Mr. Stewart will elevate the status of Moms.  Moms who raise our nation's children are our nation's greatest asset.  Yet they are not paid for mothering.  Indeed, in most business, they are penalized for taking time off to be good mothers. 


A governor should not attempt to change private business policies by force.  But he can be a role model.  Mr. Stewart, in his private business, operates an office that is very work-friendly to moms.  And his hiring gives a lift in status to those who have taken significant time in the "home work force" (i.e. stay-at-home moms).  Mr. Stewart pledges the same as governor.  He would allow telecommuting by competent employees to flourish.  He would set regular work hours to coincide with school hours so state workers with children can be there for them when dismissed from school.  At least 80% of his first Appointees will be women.