For Young Adults

Young Adults face tough financial circumstances nationwide.  The millennial generation is the first group EVER to expect their finances will be worse than those of their parents.  If there truly were a "depression index". the current group of 20 - 29 year olds is probably worse off than any prior cohort since the 1860s, when many 20 - 29 year olds were being drafted to fight a bloody war.


Here is what I as governor expect to do for young workers in Connecticut. 


1) I will extricate you from Obamacare / Medicare.  Young healthy adults are financially raped by high premiums that should be shouldered by older people, who incur more medical expenses.  Yet when YOU get sick, you face the same high deductibles.  Your relatively low income makes you harder pressed to pay your share of the bill.  


2) You will be relieved of the full federal tax burden.  More than others, young adults can most easily take advantage of "Conscientious Tax Objector" status.  You trust Bitcoin more than any generation; you can keep your soft assets there.  I will protect your hard assets.


3) Our abolishing state income taxes helps YOU the most.  Generally, young adults have the fewest deductions - no dependents, no mortgage payments yet.  Older people with the same income almost always pay less in taxes.  This evens the playing field for you.


4) Your share of road use fees will lessen.  You don't drive as much.  You use your time productively on public transport (It's we older people who are stuck talking to wierdos while you get work done on your devices.)  In an era where single drivers will be paying for road use, you will only be paying a small share.  


5) To the extent I have sway over federal policy, I will champion student loan forgiveness in return for communal work.  This is the exception to my credo of individual responsibility.  But a) you were lied to by adults who assured you that a degree in Bulgarian poetry was just fine, and b) you took on these loans when you were all of 17.  


6) I will employ many of you.  You who are good at quantitative calculations, programming, data analysis, and trend assessment will have jobs in CT's Cyber Crime Detection institute.  Careers here can rival those on Wall Street (because SAVING investors money is more valuable than earning investors money).  And you do good for the world by helping rid us of cyber-thieves.  


Hang in there.  At least ONE candidate is in your corner.