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We must extricate ourselves from the oppressiveness of ACA and Medicare.  They foist on us a lack of choice, higher premiums, higher deductibles, and government "death panels".  Connecticut citizens should have complete choice, as we have for most other aspects of the economy: people see transparent prices, pay for what they want, and choose the professionals to service them.  


ACA even affects non-health areas badly: Obamacare mandates that those who work more than 30 hours a week for a single firm be given expensive health care benefits, whether they want them or not. To get back the old 40 – 50 hour week, workers now have to find two jobs, neither of which has benefits. Employers now need to pay two people for the same job. 


The ACA thus pushes employers to hire only part-time workers. Progressives who thought they were doing workers a favor by mandating health coverage can't understand that health insurance is a net loss to workers if they can't get a full-time job that pays the rest of their bills!  


The Left thinks they know better than you.  See Jonathan Gruber, the evil (i use this term rarely) Leftist manipulator who designed much of Obamacare and other state insurance plans to deliberately fool people. The Left can’t handle that individuals might individually make wise choices. The Left can’t appreciate that the collective wisdom of all these individual choices makes the most robust economy, and fairest economy possible. 


Connecticut cannot stand more Leftist politics.  We need to extricate from the clutches of Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid.  This is a Gordian knot that the next good governor will cut.  So let this be a time to repudiate not only ObamaCare, but ALL Marxist tinkering. Let’s go back to a solution. I never mean to criticize without offering a solution. SO here it is: ZERO government interference in Health Care or health insurance. ZERO. Resist this takeover. 

SFL - Mark and Methadone: NOT a good substitute from a state

SFL - Mark and Methadone: NOT a good substitute from a state

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SFL Understanding hysteria.  Who gains from panics?

SFL Understanding hysteria. Who gains from panics?

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SFH - Officials blame "Covid" for crime, should shut up.

SFH - Officials blame "Covid" for crime, should shut up.

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My Personal Interaction with ObamaCare

I resisted Obamacare for its first three years.  But when the penalty for NOT buying insurance grew to over $600 a year, I reluctantly signed on. 

The Sensible Health Assurance Plan

The plan is easy: make ObamaCare and Medicare voluntary.  Those who want to pay in and receive future benefits are free to do so.  The benefits come only from paid-in funds plus interest.  None can come from younger people who have yet to pay in. 

Why Bernie Sanders' Progressive Proposals are EVIL

"Medicare for All!" and other well-meaning prescriptions of the Bernie Sanders crowd are EVIL.  They force people to labor for others against their will.  

29ers and 49ers - Obamacare

What is a modern 49er?  Not the football team; not the gritty fortune-seekers who made their way to California in 1849.  No. This is the fairly new term for employers who have chosen to keep from hiring more than 49 people.  Because of the Unaffordable Care Act

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