Good immigrants enhance Connecticut.  Thus my policy would be simple - Donald Trump should applaud:


Connecticut will protect good immigrants.  Good =

   1) learned basic English before coming here 

       2)  espoused American values to their own community before coming here.

           3) once here have not taken welfare, or are repaying the welfare they obtained


This is the kind of immigrant we should WANT.  I will protect them.  If it comes down to a federal/state dispute, our forces will align to protect residents of our state.  


Now, in the name of SOVEREIGNTY, we have the right to turn back illegal newcomers.  In the name of CULTURE, the great American culture that some recent newcomers (egged on by Leftists and nihilists) wish to dilute, we have the duty to acculturate newcomers to the American way.  That means communities that teach their children Sharia law to replace American law, and those who disdain English immersion for their children should be considered "child abusers" and stopped.


For all newcomers, we should take the opportunity to steer them to communities where their presence is an asset and not a likely burden.  Some cities are overburdened (not because of population, but because they don't let free markets properly serve a growing population) while many rural areas are losing population.  We could condition residence for the first seven years in the USA on staying in an underpopulated area "of need".  New immigrants create economic vitality of their own.  They are often our best entrepreneurs and our best workers for others who run businesses.  Their new communities become marketplaces that existing businesses want to serve.  


Seven years is a modern route to a PhD or a professional firm's partnership.  Seven years also approximates the average time a would-be immigrant is held up in limbo, in a country they'd like to flee.  Let's open the gates to good immigrant, with conditions.  Even with conditions, virtually everybody in line now would gladly exchange to be quickly brought to the best place in human history, the sovereign U.S.A.