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There are only two nations about which I will opine: Nigeria and Israel.  That's because what our government does for and against them says more about US than about the nations themselves.  Remember, a governor has little control over international affairs anyways.  But here is the overarching principal for CT governance and if I'm asked about national governance:


we wage peace.


We have the best war-fighting abilities in world history, but when Americans influence by peaceful means, we get a lot further.   We "wage peace" by spreading our students into foreign universities, by spreading missionaries of good will to foreign projects, by spreading tourists to foreign bazaars and cafes, by spreading business into foreign firms, and by expanding trade to help foreign merchants (while enriching ourselves with their goods).


We spread peace by keeping open our commerce - as George Will points out there has never been a war between two nations that each have McDonald's.  And we assure people by keeping our universities and boarding schools open to the leaders of would-be aggressor nations.  When the grandchildren of would-be Chinese or Iranian leaders are attending boarding school in Connecticut, these leaders become more akin with America.  


We have successfully waged peace with our former foes in Germany and Japan for 70 years, and it has been to the benefit of us all.  We are beginning to wage peace with the Cuban people, and our interactions there should continue.  


As we get opportunities to more closely work with Russia, we should.  They are potentially our best ally in extirpating terrorists.


As to the terrorists who murder and simultaneously menace the world - i'd like to support Nigeria in its attempts to eliminate Boko Haram, and support Israel in its work to resist neighbors who want to see it destroyed and establish an uninterrupted Sharia-ruled crescent.  I privately support soldiers who will fight those wars, and believe that if needed, the American military should support them as well. (but with volunteers, never a draft).  If Americans refrain from helping the good armies of the world, the world becomes a dark place soon afterwards.  


Until we become allied with Russia, our best allies against the world's menaces are England, France, and Israel.  (Egypt and Jordan are coming along nicely, and solidifying them with Israel is a worthy diplomatic mission). Until thugs are removed from ruling their nations, I believe America should be the home of "governments in exile", composed of escapees who will set up more democratic institutions while they are here and will implement them should they get a chance to return.  There is a group already in Los Angeles to help free Iran; I'd like to see Connecticut become home to the future leaders of every oppressed African, Asian, and South American nation.  

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