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Mark Stewart Greenstein. Independent. Stand-up. Resolute for Farmington.
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MSG ffApplying values to micro problems:The conservative way
Amid Democrat and Republican executives enacting regulations at the Federal, State, and local levels, what restrictions would Liberty Democrats, if in power, demand? It is impossible to speak for all Libertarians, Freedom Republicans, and Liberty Democrats, but my answer is a suggestion that I expect all these would-be leaders will consider: that the restrictions be minimal, and local Indeed, at the federal level, there should be no restrictions, because no action to fight an environmentally-borne virus is allowed under Article I or Article II of the Constitution. At the state level, “emergency” restrictions are allowed in every state except Wyoming. But it is UNWISE to use a governor’s power to combat a disease that has widely varying conditions from one part of the state to another. At this writing (April 13, 2020) there are some counties with zero reported cases of the Covid virus. At the local level, a town or an enclave may have justification for restrictions. But they should not: trade off the safety of older people for the safety of younger people, trade off certain professions versus others (what’s “essential to one is unessential to others), or give an extra advantage to government officials or those closely tied to government. I would propose one law for my suburban enclave. It’s a definition more than a law. It would expand the definition of “assault”. It would be temporary, and looks something like: "Whereas all humans are potentially deadly carriers of a new highly-infectious disease, in this town, until this is rescinded, all persons of legal age are by this definition a deadly weapon. A person moving within arm's length of a non-consenting human is thus committing an "assault”. Directing germs at a non-consenting human via a sneeze or cough is also considered an "assault". A person of legal age carries a “duty to retreat” from a potential assaulter, unless that is in one’s home, business, school, or place of worship. There is an in-between status, for those who enter a store that has restricted itself to having only 5 patrons at a time. Perhaps…. A person who, after warning from a human, proceeds to violate the store’s restriction, is considered to be making a “nuisance”, and subject to the highest penalty this town’s nuisance laws provide. This nuisance definition might carry on behind a time of virus fears. It rightly asserts that one’s property, or leasehold, is not the public domain, a mantra many of our authorities have forgotten. Mark Stewart Greenstein
SFL 09-15-2021 For Frank Bruni re Government repression.  Safety is tertiary to the authoritarians.
Mark Stewart Greenstein opine to NY Times Columnist Frank Bruni re Government repression. Safety is tertiary to the authoritarians. Oppression is a bigger scare to conservatives than a higher mortality rate. With government oppression more of us might live a bit longer, but none of us live WELL. There might actually be a HIGHER level of compliance. Take, for example, me. I got the first chot 3 weeks ago. I did so not because of disease transmission, not because of local authorities, and not because of even private businesses that are choosing their our course. I got the shot because a nice older person around me is nervous. That's sufficient. Whether she has a truly compromised condition, or is erring on the extreme side, or is just following pedagogues, know-nothings, and know-littles-with authority, I'm not arguing with her. My dosing is for her, a worthwhile inconvenience. Conservatives act out of niceness. Progressives too often act out of obedience. Isn't the organic, nice result better than the compelled one? And, back to pizza.... Aren't you abetting authoritarians who make rules based primarily on what they can get away with? We can't all wear bubble-suits, so we mandate masks, a 3/4 good step. We can't demand that everybody vaccinate, so the Biden handlers go with "those in 100+ person corporations". Your restaurant can't go 100% vax (or can't check for actual proof of vaccination) so it does the HALF-safe thing of letting some of its patrons dine inside while letting others dine outside and die. If they, or you, REALLY thought virus transmissions is still a threat to non-compromised Americans, almost all of whom have built up immunities to Covid 19, we wouldn't be dining at all outside our homes. Indeed, we'd build bubble home annexes and have 24-7 servants until we reached 100% immunity. (For the amount our governments' covid-prevention regigimes have cost us, we could have built a 4-room bubble home with 24-7 service to every scared 80+ year old). This is a charade that abets high and mighty authority. Those with authority test how obedient can people be, to restrict their businesses, their church attendance, their schooling, and their bodily choices. With every successful compulsion, they gain more power, and divine more license to even more harshly restrict freedom. If this really were a life-and-death issue, we would disallow bus rides. Plane rides, Uber rides. At some point even the elite don't tolerate the resrictions they want to create. So they stop SOMEWHAT short; not in the name of safety, but in the name of the politically possible. That possible is expanding. You may like it now because (why actually?, a few more 90 year olds will be able to shop and dine) but you can't possibly like the future of complete obedience to authority.. Colonists revolted 244 years ago for FAAAAAR fewer predations by an absolute monarch George III , that we have upon us now. This is not a recent complaint; it dates back 20 years, from the semi-fearful-yet power-grabbing reasonable restrictions by George W Bush, to those of Obama, Trump, all 50 state governors, and now Biden, or his puppeteers. We are moving, very quickly, towards authoritarianism. We know its a charade because when a Younger person tests positive, we are not worried about his health. When Gleyber Torresi leaves the Yankees' lineup following a positive Covid test, nobody is fretful that he will survive; we are fretful that the Yankees might not make the playoffs. We conservatives are not stupid. We know the covid tranmission rates as well as you. We instead have a different calculus. We have a heathy respect for individlual and private group decisions. The Leftist revile individualism, so they revile conservative values, and they have come at times to hate us, we very nice people who are not imperiling any innocent victims. (remember, if vaccinies work, we who have been vaccinated are not imperiled. If they don't work completely, you can't condemn someone who wants to stay out of the frenzy. My body my choice, is now a salient slogan).
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